Instinctive Action Martial arts Inc.

 A Non-profit organization, that was established from the roots and extended creed of Full Circle Integrated Martial Arts LLC.


Founder and lead instructor Sensei Wilson Olivera has always believed that Martial Arts is an equal opportunity skill set, especially for the impaired and Disabled.

We understand that some severe physical and or mental conditions exist that may prohibit one from learning Martial Arts, but nothing is impossible.


Instinctive Action Martial Arts Inc. or (IAM) began its mission with the Virginia NFB (National Federation for the Blind) some 3 years ago.  With a group of like minded professional's, who believe in creating opportunities of success through Martial Arts and building character, discipline, focus, survival skills and contact sensitivity training, all customized for the impaired and Disabled. Our Institution offers individuals with impairments and disabilities the opportunity to learn and grow in the field of Martial Arts, using their natural heightened sense of touch or contact. 

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